About me

Hey, I am Ziming! I am a senior at Yale College, advised by Prof. Anurag Khandelwal, Prof. Dragomir Radev at Yale, and Prof. Rashmi Vinayak at CMU. I am fortunate to work with collaborators from Microsoft Research, NetApp, Facebook AI, Salesforce Research, and Twitter.

I am broadly interested in distributed systems, storage systems, ML systems, and intersection of theory and systems.



Yale College, New Haven, 2019 - Current
B.S. in Computer Science and B.A. in Philosophy


Check out my publications: [CV]


  • Learned Cache [In Submission]
  • Multi-attribute Data Store [In Submission]

NLP / Machine Learning

  • DYLE: Dynamic Latent Extraction for Abstractive Long-Input Summarization [ACL’22]
  • SummN: A Multi-Stage Summarization Framework for Long Input Dialogues and Documents [ACL’22]
  • FeTaQA: Free-form Table Question Answering [TACL’22]
  • Investigating Crowdsourcing Protocols for Evaluating the Factual Consistency of Summaries [NAACL’22]

Earlier Works

  • Enhancing fouling mitigation of submerged flat-sheet membranes by vibrating 3D-spacers [S&PT’19]
  • Spacer vibration for fouling control of submerged flat sheet membranes [S&PT’19]